Primordials (Inner Circle)

These six deities were the first beings. They each control their own elemental plane within the Inner Ring.

Deity Alignment Domains Portfolio Worshipers Favored Weapon
Akvak LE Evil, Darkness, Death, Decay God of Darkness and Death Evil-aligned Clerics, Doomsayers, Plague bearers Endbringer (Scythe)
Egon LN Law, Leadership, Earth, Resolve God of Elemental Earth, Law, and Timelessness Judges, Magistrates, Earth Elementals Scepter of the Eternal Law (Mace)
Ilmis N Water, Purity, Magic, Knowledge Goddess of Elemental Water, Magic, and Knowledge Scholars, Monks, Water Elementals High Arcana (Quarterstaff)
Mesha CN Chaos, Revolution, Fire, Destruction Goddess of Elemental Fire, Chaos, and Revolution Dancers, Fire Elementals, Revolutionaries Emberlink (Spiked Chain)
Seraq N Air, Liberation, Fate, Souls Goddess of Elemental Air, Celerity, and Fate Seers, Air Elementals, Winged Beings Soulblade (Scimitar)
Suriel CG Good, Light, Restoration, Growth God of Light and Life Athletes, Good Aligned Clerics, Artists Dawnbringer (Morningstar)

Transcendents (Outer Circles)

These deities were once mortals who ascended to Godhood. They hold dominion over planes within the Outer Circle.

Deity Alignment Domains Portfolio Worshipers Favored Weapon
Agal CN War, Heroism, Rune, Ice God of War, Runes, and Winter Soldiers, Barbarians, Northerners Frostbreaker (Warhammer)
Arah LN Trade, Nobility, Artifice, Protection Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity Merchants, Bankers, Moneylenders The Gilded Spear (Longspear)
Arbar LG Strength, Glory, Sun, Defense God of Valor, Strength, and Glory Paladins, Knights, Gladiators Sunstar (Spiked Shield)
Azel CE Catastrophe, Storms, Loss, Ash God of Cataclysm and Tempests Stormlords, Raiders, Mourners Cataclysm’s Edge (Greatsword)
Camua CE Lust, Night, Nightmare, Demon Goddess of Perversion and Midnight Prostitutes, Hedonists, Nihilists Maiden’s Kiss (Whip)
Eariel CN Oceans, Cloud, Exploration, Weather Goddess of the Sea, Wind, and Weather Sailors, Fisherman, Explorers Drowning Death (Trident)
Elion LG Honor, Archon, Construct, Metal God of Duty, Loyalty, and the Forge Smiths, Retainers, Oathkeepers Eversteel (Bastard Sword)
Enwel LG Ancestors, Home, Language, Memory God of Civilization and Tradition Elders, Fathers, Builders Shining Heart (Shortbow)
Gelmahta NE Insanity, Arcane, Undead, Resurrection God of Malign Secrets, The Profane, and Undeath Liches, Cultists, Necromancers Whisperer (Glaive)
Haziel CE Curse, Murder, Deception, Madness God of Vengeance, Murder, and Madness Assassins, Witches, The Insane Lifethief (Kukri)
Ilin LE Smoke, Thought, Trickery, Devil God of Lies, Contracts, and Trickery Tyrants, Traitors, Liars Traitor’s Dagger (Dagger)
Imenden N Animal, Plant, Repose, Caves God of Wild Nature and Subterranean Realms Druids, Shamans, Hermits Axe of the Primals (Handaxe)
Jeha CN Love, Day, Family, Seasons Goddess of Love, Beauty, and the Harvest Lovers, Mothers, Farmers Grand Harvest (Sickle)
Penem NG Divine, Healing, Angel, Martyr Goddess of Sacrifice, Healing, and Divinity Healers, Benefactors, Martyrs Divinity (Longsword)
Rielyr CG Travel, Liberation, Wards, Wind God of Travel, Portals, and Wanderlust Bards, Innkeepers, Wanderers Starfall (Short Sword)
Uzziel NE Blood, Ferocity, Rage, Toil God of Blood, Rage, and Oppression Berserkers, Slavers, Warlords Bloodlust (Greataxe)
Vale CN Charm, Thievery, Luck, Freedom God of Luck, Rogues, and Free Spirit Rogues, Gamblers, Beggars Stealthwhisper (Rapier)

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