An Idosan Tenday

The months of each year consist of three tendays. As such, each day falls on the same date each year (Moonday always falls on the 1st, 11th, and 21st, etc.) Most days have an assigned meaning.

Day General Purpose
Moonday Rest, Religion (Night)
Toilday Work
Wealday Work
Oathday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday Work, market day
Starday Work
Freeday Rest
Godsday Religion
Waterday Work
Earthday Work

An Idosan Year

An Idosan year consists of 12 months, each made up of three tendays. Holidays fall on the same date each year. The holidays listed below fall on the 1st of each of their respected months. The only holiday that does not adhere to this rule is the holiday of Shieldmeet, which is celebrated once every four years as a leap day. It is celebrated on the day immediately following Flamerule and does not actually count as a date. For example, while Shieldmeet of 2371 AR will fall on the 1st of Elesias, Shieldmeet will be written as Shieldmeet 2371 AR.

Month Name Season Holidays
1 Tarsakh Spring None
2 Mirtul Spring Greengrass
3 Kythorn Spring None
4 Flamerule Summer None
5 Elesias Summer Midsummer (Shieldmeet)
6 Eleint Summer None
7 Marpenoth Autumn Highharvesttide
8 Uktar Autumn None
9 Nightal Autumn Feast of the Moon
10 Hammer Winter None
11 Alturiak Winter Midwinter
12 Ches Winter None

Asidari Reckoning

The current and most widely used calendar is the Asidari Reckoning calendar, which dates back to the founding of the Elven city of Gelonde at 0 AR. Presented below are important documented years within the Asidari calendar. Present day occurs at 2418 AR.

Year Event
0 AR Founding of the city of Gelonde (Asidar)
432 AR Damula the Merciless assends to Godhood after conquering Dona
1197 AR Founding of the Empire of Cadecia
1418 AR Cadecia begins the conquest of Umur, beginning the Elysian Crusades
1462 AR Umur becomes a vassal state of Cadecia, ending the Elysian Crusades
1646 AR Cadecia withdraws from Umur over difficulties from Shagradan hordes
1798 AR Dona is invaded by Cadecia, beginning the Gold Wars
2187 AR Umur splits into two seperate nations, forming Elysia
2223 AR Cadecia becomes a republic
2237 AR Dona becomes independent
2375 AR Cadecia attempts to conquer the Ashurite free cities, beginning the Red Wars
2361 AR The nation of Ashur is formed
2375 AR End of the Red Wars
2361 AR The nation of Ashur is formed
2396 AR Slavery is outlawed throughout the Cadecian Empire

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